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CD TRUCKER TRACKS - Rockin Down The Highway

CD TRUCKER TRACKS - Rockin Down The Highway

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From USA: very interessting compilation of smaller Southern Rock artists incl. W.I.N.D. Johnny Neel and Chris Anderson (Outlaws, MTB) with previously unreleased songs.
NO Blues, NO Country............thats Southern Rock, good Southern Rock!  
W.I.N.D. - Ice Road Truckers 
Joe Durham - Closer To You 
Matt Coleman - Fire It Up 
Levees - Hard Times 
Johnny Neel - Long Haul 
Greg Crowe - The Road 
GM Paterson - The Blacktop 
Chris Anderson - Old Friend 
Rodger Mason - Trucker´s Son
Adam Jones - Doodle 
Joe Durham - Freightliner 
Johnny Neel - Led Foot Boogie
Year 2011
Label Spec Records Nashville / Made In USA
Condition (vinyl/CD/Cover) NEW & SEALED