CD MO´PEACHES - Southern Rock That Time Forgot

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CD MO´PEACHES - Southern Rock That Time Forgot
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If you’re a die-hard Southern Rock fan you might remember the Peaches compilation albums from the 70s. 
Years later the tradition is continued with this excellent sampler by the juke joint 500 label. 
10 great tracks by 10 different great mostly very unknown and local american Southern Rock bands. 

1. John Mohead – Due South  
(Carksdale, Mississippi) Taken from Lula City Limits CD 1995 
2. Alligator Stew – Louisiana Man  (Monticello, Indiana) Taken from Alligator Stew CD 2000 
3. Judge Parker – Slow Down Irene  (Fort Smith, Arkansas) Taken from their self-titled debut CD 1998
4. Bishop Black – Long Road To Bama  (Decatur, Alabama) Taken from Bishop Black CD 2009
5. Morrison Brothers Band – Little Miss Whiskey  (Washington D.C.) Taken from State Of The Union CD 2013
6. Chase Walker Band – Red House  (Riverside, California) Taken from Not Quite Legal CD 2016.
7. Railbenders – Black Chrome Horse  (Denver, Colorado) Taken from Like A Wheel CD 2009
8. Alligator Jackson – Enjoy The Ride  (Huntington, West Virgina) Taken from Chomp On CD 2009
9. Eat A Peach – Ain't Wastin' Time No More (Wilmington, Illinois) Taken from Bound To Shine CD 2001
10. The Remus Tucker Band – Bury Me On The Banks Of Mississippi  (Denver, Colorado) Taken from South Of New Orleans CD 2013

LabelJuke Joint 500, Made In Germany
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